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Who We Are

Karaki Origins is more than just a brand; it's a heartfelt journey that beautifully weaves together the essence of life and the flavors that nourish our souls. Our story spans over six decades, a testament to family traditions and the relentless pursuit of innovation, steered by the indomitable spirit of the Panjwani family.

It all began with Sherbanu and Nooruddin Panjwani, who, over 60 years ago, set out to share the love for their homemade spices and pickles, one door at a time. Their legacy found its true expression through the dedication of their sons - Kishor, Rajesh, and Kamlesh - and their venture, 'Mausam.' Amidst a market tainted with impurities, they stood as beacons of purity, hand-picking ingredients and upholding unwavering quality standards.

Today, Pranali Panjwani carries forward this cherished heritage, a passionate Food Technologist and a repository of wisdom nurtured through her MBA in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technology. Fate had a poignant twist for her when she returned from the United States after her father's passing, leading her back to her roots and her father's legacy.

Pranali’s lifemate, Aamin Barolia, an ERP virtuoso, joins this extraordinary culinary odyssey, blending his passion for excellence with his love for food. His expertise, honed in optimizing complex systems, finds a new canvas in the world of food.

Karaki, a name echoing the trio that has been Pranali's guiding light (Ka-Kamlesh, Ra-Rajesh, Ki-Kishor), stands as a testament to Pranali and Aamin's dedication. It embodies honesty, ethics, and purity, staying faithful to the cherished family legacy. Just like its predecessor, Mausam, Karaki promises clean living, pure eating, and a conscience free of guilt.

Every year, the Mausam and Karaki family unite to celebrate these enduring values, passed down through generations.

“At Karaki, we make all our products with a conscious effort to provide not only healthy food, but also a healthy planet through sustainable living. A clean landscape leads to clean food, a clean environment, a clean earth, and a clean you!”

Pranali Panjwani (Founder, Karaki Origins)